Fourth of July Posting

The barbecues are heating, the sun is shining, a cool breeze is keeping Hilo town comfortable on this gorgeous Fourth of July by Hilo Bay. In a few hours the Jaycees will send up fireworks from Coconut Island (Moku Ola), and from our perch above the town, we will hear the crowd cheering each colorful blast. The greenbelt of parks along the bayfront is right out of a Norman Rockwell painting– small town America, Hawaiian-style. The state barbecue cook-off has been going on all day out there, as well as a Classic Cars rally.

In Hawaii we do many of the same things people on the Mainland do, but with our own local twist, much as our deliciously decadent Hawaiian Macadamia Nut granolas are the island-style versions of what you may have grown up eating elsewhere.

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