It is a nice cool, overcast morning, but hey, it’s only 7:30. It has been very comfortable weather.  A few days ago I delivered granola to Waikoloa Village Market and to KTA Superstore in Waimea. It was an absolutely beautiful morning, clear and crisp on the Saddle Road, and not a speck of vog (volcanic haze) on the Kona side. There were wild parakeets in the trees over the Waikoloa Maket’s parking lot, especially near the gas station. What a kick! I drove back to Hilo via the Hamakua Coast so I could drop off granola samples at a coffee shop along the way. If we pick up the account, I’ll tell you who and where it is!

You can also buy the packaged granola at Ka Lae Coffee along the South Point Road in Naalehu. In Kona, find us at Kona Island Naturals, in the KTA Superstore in Keauhou Shopping Center, and the [custom] macadamia granola with coffee served at Kona Coffee & Tea stores (one in Kailua-Kona on Palani Road; one behind the Tesoro station across from Honokahau Harbor) is made by us with their coffee beans. Or, you can buy from our website.

To order directly, email me at, and be sure to leave a phone number, too. Each of the four (soon to be 5) flavors comes in a 12-oz package with a nice label…$8.50 plus shipping… and 4% tax if you are in Hawaii. For now we will only ship to Hawaii, Alaska and the U.S. mainland…. via USPS Priority Flat-Rate envelopes and packages. For the first 3 granola packages all to the same address, shipping and handling will be $6.80; or send up to 11 packages of granola to a single address for $13.45. 12 or 13 packages ship for $18.75. This could change, but for now, that’s it.