Cinna-Mocha Macadamia Granola (Low Glycemic)

We just couldn’t resist tinkering with the Coffee granola. How would it be if we added a little chocolate? Mmmm, delicious! I like cinnamon, and it turns out to be a healthy spice, so let’s add some. Oh my goodness! That’s really good! Then we found a cacao grower here in Hilo who makes cocoa with his own chocolate, and it is outstanding! I could’ve eaten the whole bag of cocoa by myself, it is that good. I am not a coffee drinker, but this I love. Try it. Now.

  • CONTAINS NO: Artificial ingredients, salt, GMOs, cholesterol, wheat, trans fats, dairy, soy, or peanuts.
  • Sweetened with plant-based Erythritol and Blue Agave Syrup.
  • The 12-ounce package has a zip closure for your convenience.
  • The Granola Worth Serving!


About our Low Glycemic Flavors:

As we became aware of more and more friends and relatives who were found to have Type II Diabetes, and could not enjoy our ‘regular’ granola, we thought about ways to make a granola they could safely enjoy. A friend who had married into a diabetic family did a lot of research on alternative sweeteners. One that seemed a very good choice was Erythritol, a naturally-occurring, plant-based sweetener developed through a fermentation process. It has zero calories, no sugar, is 70% as sweet as sugar, and rarely causes digestive problems. We paired it with Blue Agave syrup, another plant-based sweetener whose sugar is absorbed very slowly.

We made Low Glycemic recipes of our various flavors, so those watching their sugar absorption, or glycemic levels, could join in the fun of eating granola again. Then we asked some Type II diabetic friends for their opinions, and got rave reviews from them. Most had not been able to eat granola for a long, long time. Their favorite flavors were these variations of our 3 newest flavors, all made with Low Glycemic (LG) sweeteners: Macadamia with Turmeric, Coconut with Turmeric, and Cinna-Mocha Mac. You can spot them quickly because the labels have a purple background.

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