Hawaiian Granola, Handcrafted in Hawaii

I manage the Kipimana Hawaiian Granola Company LLC, here in Hilo, Hawaii, my hometown, and we make macadamia nut granola. The nuts, honey and oil are all from macadamia nut groves on Hawai`i Island. We use Hawaii-grown coffee in the Original with Coffee, and Hilo-grown cocoa in the Mocha blends.
My Hawaiian ancestors arrived on Hawai`i Island from Maui in the mid-1700s, and the non-Hawaiian ancestors began arriving before 1800. The Shipmans were missionaries bound for Micronesia, who stayed in Hawaii to give birth to my great-grandfather… and never left. That baby grew up to be an important Hawai`i Island cattle rancher, W.H. Shipman. (“Kipimana” is the Hawaiian pronunciation for ‘Shipman.’)
When we opened the Shipman House Bed & Breakfast in 1997, I wanted a healthy granola that reflected Hawaii’s sense of place, something our guests would be familiar with, but with favorite Hawaiian flavors. No cereal captured that luscious tropical taste, so after a lot of delicious experimenting, I created our “Original Macadamia Granola”, chock-full of Hawaii-grown macadamia nuts and macadamia honey.

Elegantly simple, we served it like a build-your-own sundae, with bowls of chocolate chips, coconut, raisins and cranberries, plus yogurt or milk to go on top. Guests loved it!
The B&B has closed, but Hawaiian Granola Company, now “Kipimana Hawaiian Granola”, continues with exciting tropical flavors. Our gourmet granola is handmade in small batches.  We bake as needed, so our Granola is fresh and crunchy when it goes out the door… to a store, a resort, or to you.
For 20 years, B&B guests from all over the world would say, “Wow, you should sell this!” Now you, too, can enjoy this exotic taste of the Islands as a quick convenient breakfast or a healthy snack. The granola is especially good on ice cream, in acai bowls, as a snack, in a bowl as cereal, or in ‘oatmeal’ cookies, and makes a wonderfully personal gift from Hawai`i.

Mahalo for giving us a try!