Hawaiian Granola, Handcrafted in Hawaii

Located in Hilo town, on Hawai`i Island, our little granola kitchen is bright and cheery. Our employees are as local as our macadamia honey, and often sing while they Copy of Hawaiian.Macadamia.granola.in.papayawork. Ingredients are weighed, stirred and packaged by hand. We bake as needed, so our Granola is fresh and crunchy when it goes out the door… to a store, a resort, or to you. This site will tell you about our granolas and how you may order directly online.

We have been making Macadamia Nut Granola for the Shipman House Bed and Breakfast in Hilo, Hawaii, since 1997.  Wanting to serve healthy breakfast foods that guests might be familiar with, but with a taste of Hawaii, Barbara, the owner, set out to find some. No cereal captured that luscious tropical taste, so after a lot of delicious experimenting, Barbara came up with our Original Macadamia Granola, chock-full of Hawaii-grown macadamia nuts and macadamia honey.

Elegantly simple, she serves it with a choice of raisins, cranberries, shredded coconut, and chocolate chips, topped with vanilla yogurt or milk. Nearly every morning guests have said she should sell it, so a new business, the Hawaiian Granola Company LLC, began.  Now you, too, can enjoy this exotic taste of the Islands as a quick convenient beakfast or a healthy snack. It makes a unique gift from Hawaii.