Chai-Spice Macadamia Granola

My! My! This tastes like Chai! My favorite spices, together in one place.

I asked a few others for their opinions…. One friend set up her sampling like a wine tasting. The bouquet: “The aroma was welcoming, like fresh-baked cookies in a house that’s for sale.” Her first spoonful reminded her of a graham cracker crust, and she enjoyed the subtle “notes”. Then she poured on some almond milk, and “That was heavenly–just like chewing a chai tea latte.” Shall we tell her it contains no tea? Another friend came home from ushering at an evening theater production and decided to have just a tiny bite, plain, before going to bed. One bite led to another, and “Well, it’s almost gone. Delicious!”

I’m going to have myself a bowl now. You should, too. Enjoy!

  • CONTAINS NO: Artificial ingredients, salt, GMOs, cholesterol, wheat, trans fats, dairy, soy, or peanuts.
  • The 12-ounce package has a zip closure for your convenience.
  • The Granola Worth Serving!®


Award Winner!

2nd Place in the 2022 International Flavor Awards

As an organization, The International Flavor Awards, LLC provides impartial and knowledgeable judging of food & drink products throughout a variety of genres and themes. The Flave Awards strive to bring value to our food-based competitions and to promote the outstanding products and companies that set themselves apart by being known as “A Flave Award Winner”!

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Weight 12 oz