Hawaiian Macadamia Honey Squeeze Pouch


Honey in a handy squeeze pouch! Imagine!

This is the wonderful honey we use in our Hawaiian Macadamia Granola, from some of the same hives here in Hawaii. Now you can have it, too! 100% Macadamia Honey, this is the real deal, and the handy pouch is a perfect size to slip in your bag for sports, hiking, camping and travel. 9oz. of pure goodness! It needs no refrigeration. As with any honey, it is not for infants under one year, and the screw-on cap is unsuitable for unsupervised small children.

  • 9oz of 100% Hawaiian macadamia honey.
  • Pure, all-natural, & raw.
  • Comes in an easy squeeze pouch.
  • Ships for free!

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